Adding Impact to Your Photos and Helpful Tips


Cut and peel off price tags

On a day when dresses, shoes and accessories are new this will save you a lot of time enabling you to relax more as you get ready. It is also helpful to have all the accessories that you'd like photographed grouped together ready for me when I arrive.



The hangers used can also have an impact on your photos. Wooden ones are best however if you plan to use plastic hangers, peel off labels not related to the dress and remove any size cubes.

Some brides go the extra mile to create a lovely keepsake and have their name and wedding date printed on a wooden hanger.



Throughout your wedding day I like to capture all the details including your stationary which can look beautiful included in your album design. These days the majority of guests don't bring their invitation with them. I recommend having a spare copy or asking a parent or bridesmaid to bring theirs to the bridal preparations.



I'm often asked when capturing preparations and guests arriving about the correct place for button holes and corsages. Traditionally men wear their button holes on the left hand side, outside the button hole on the lapel. Women wear their corsages on the right either attached to their outfit or on their wrist depending on the style chosen. 


Seating your guests

Traditionally the Groom's family sit on the right and the Bride's family on the left as you enter the ceremony room or church. The first few rows are typically reserved for bridal party and parents. When seating guests, ask the ushers to make sure guests are sat as far forwards as possible (especially in a large church) and make each side look fairly balanced if family numbers differ. Your officiant will let you know if anyone involved in the ceremony needs to sit in a specific place.

The aisle will be in the background of many ceremony photos so I'd recommend the Ushers try to hide any empty pushchairs behind seats where possible so they aren't prominently visible from the altar or registrar's table.


Walking up the aisle   

It is important for me to capture a beautiful full length photo of the bride walking up the aisle. If you're following your bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys wait for them to reach the top of the aisle and turn into their row of seats before you start to walk up the aisle. Walk at a steady pace and look up to take everything in!


Guest photography during the ceremony

I'm happy for guests to take photos (if the officiant is too). My only request is that guests don't step or lean into the aisle during the processions to prevent them obstructing my view during uninterruptable moments.

I recommend guests avoid holding their phones, tablets or cameras in front of their face throughout the ceremony so the bride and groom can see their faces on the day and in their photos!

Any instructions for the guests during the ceremony are read out by the officiant when they welcome everyone shortly before the arrival of the bride.



If confetti photo is a high priority for you (and your venue is happy for it to be thrown outside) you may wish to purchase some in advance in case your guests don't turn up with any. A simple basket with traditional shop bought confetti inside will be surfice for your guests to take a handful. Confetti cones and flower petals are available from other wedding suppliers. 

The more confetti the better for impact! To give this impression it is great to have everyone throwing it at the same time. Whilst I'm arranging everyone in the ideal place it is useful to ask the bridal party to hand out the confetti and inform guests to wait for my signal to throw it.


Group photos 

Unless you're having a toastmaster, let the Groomsmen know I may ask them to make an announcement for gathering everyone together to do the group photos. It always comes over better than the photographer shouting! Bridesmaids may also be asked to help find relatives. I tend to ask the adults however sometimes the younger bridesmaids are keen to offer their help!

Although all the group photos are done quickly and efficiently this can be too long for some guests to stand for. Most venues usually have seating nearby to where the group portraits are usually taken, however it can be useful to put a picnic chair in the boot of car just in case there are not enough benches in the churchyard.

I like to ensure all your group photos are finished before the wedding breakfast, however occasionally due to varying circumstances some are taken afterwards. I recommend that key people (bridal party and immediate family) wait until after the first dance or check with me before getting changed the into casual clothes (or getting children ready for bed) that there are no more official group photos to take.




The one thing you can't book but can be prepared for! I will always take into account the conditions when deciding locations of outside portraits and will always check with you on the day as to what you're happy with when wearing your best attire.

Should the grass be soft on the day it can be useful for a bride wearing stilettos to change into a pair of wedges or flat shoes (that can stay hidden under the dress) or a novelty pair of shoes that you're happy to be photographed in! This is useful for bride and groom portraits if there is a particular part of the venue grounds where there is no path to keep to. Sometimes novelty shoes can be fun even if they aren't needed in the end for their purpose!

Clear or white umbrellas are preferred, however some couples like to match their colour scheme.



Everything mentioned on this page is just a guide to help your day run smoothly. If you have any questions regarding any of these topics please contact me.



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